Thank you. It’s reassuring to know that your team can react so quickly to such problems. (Regarding server that shut down during the night.)

Manufacturing Company

Big shout out to your implementation team who has hit the ground running! This was our first out-of-country set up for my team and it went seamlessly!

International Distributor of Healthcare Products

I want to congratulate you and your team. From my view this was a very difficult project and my StratX account manager showed the upmost professionalism under difficult circumstances. Without the whole team, I would never imagine this project being completed. Thank you.

Financial Management Company

You fixed my virus situation yesterday – you are amazing!!!


I just wanted to say that the move this past weekend was amazing. The team could not have been more organized, and the extensive planning and expertise really showed through. I would love to single out each and every person, but it would take too long since there is so much to say. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation for an awesome job well done!

Translation Services Company

Wow, thanks! Between noticing the issue with our website and the speed at which your tech came and helped yesterday, I am happy I made the decision I did.

Multi-site restaurant chain

I love my account manager. Thank you for all of your assistance with setting up our upcoming webinar. Your sense of urgency and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Distributor of Healthcare Products

I was given your number by our engineering department as I ran into some problems accessing my files. I called on Sunday not expecting to reach anyone but was hopeful. I was very lucky to receive a phone call back. The tech on call was so patient and helpful to me. He spent time doing his best to try and figure out the problem – he even worked on it without me and called me back later to update me on his progress. I am up and running. I am grateful for a call back on a Sunday, for his patience and lastly, for your tech keeping his promise to call back to fix the problem. Employees like that are hard to find and I just wanted to let you know some positive feedback from a very satisfied customer!

Manufacturing Company

Your responsiveness to our needs on the current grant project have been impressive. Although the grant is limited in scope your team has always treated us with the same attention and respect I am sure you offer all your clients, whatever their size or IT needs may be. We look forward to reviewing the assessment particulars and our continued work together on our current project.

Nonprofit Organization

We had an issue with our phone system (which StratX did not install) but they manage our technology and wouldn’t leave us helpless.  Their engineers systematically evaluated all of our configurations, worked with our phone vendor to evaluate the source of the issue and were able to identify a routing issue on the phone vendor’s server.

This ticket was not dropped until there was a true resolution!  Now my phones are working as intended.

Thank you to my account manager, StratX engineers and the whole team behind them who worked to resolve this issue.

5 location retina practice and surgery center

We wanted to contract with a new IT support provider due to slow response time and recurring issues unsolved by our former provider.  We chose and entered into a support agreement with StratX.

In our first week, we reported a performance issue with one of our servers (not a new problem) and it was resolved in less than an hour of calling StratX’s help desk. We made the right decision.

22 lawyer litigation boutique NYC

“We were not looking forward to doing our annual Security Risk Analysis, but StratX’s HIPAA compliance and security officer changed that.  Thank you for making it a painless process!

I appreciate your guidance and your experience certainly shows.  We are mitigating the vulnerabilities that you pointed out and I believe we are in good shape.   Until third quarter 2017!”

3 doctor, 20 support staff Ophthalmology Practice

“The StratX tech was able to coordinate his team to find a solution to our issue. He was courteous, supportive and relentless…you couldn’t ask for more in an employee. Great Job!!!!” (and in less than an hour)

2 location CPA Firm

I think they are a fantastic IT company that has really come thru for us!

We were handled very poorly by our previous IT company, they were on site almost every day and our IT closet was a disaster. Stratx gave us real time lines to straighten out the mess they inherited. They told us up front what needed to be done and the cost factor and the time it would take to implement. They also told us the goal would be to have remote connect instead of having someone on-site. We rarely need anyone on-site anymore, and the monthly issues we report are minimal and handled right away. I tell my bosses that we would have been sunk without them, I highly recommend them.

3 location, Eye Care Surgery Center