September 23, 2020

HIPAA Business Associate Pays $2.3 Million to Settle Breach Affecting Protected Health Information of Over 6 million Individuals

September 25, 2020

Health Insurer Pays $6.85 Million to Settle Data Breach Affecting Over 10.4 Million People

In both breaches and in most breaches (HIPAA Wall of Shame) the following were NOT completed although they are requirements under the HIPAA Security Rule:

  • Annual Enterprise-Wide Security Risk Analysis
  • Business Associate Agreements
  • Audit and Access Controls
  • Encryption for Emails and Portable Devices
  • Updated Policies and Procedures

Do not wait for a security incident or breach to address what HIPAA requires!

Security and compliance are first and foremost in the management of our clients' systems. After conducting thousands of SRAs, common vulnerabilities began to emerge. We launched HIPAA Tip Tuesday to make clients aware of what actions they can take to address these vulnerabilities.

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