The StratX company culture gives strength to our team and enhances our performance as individuals and as a group to deliver the world class customer experience we seek for our clients.

The members of our team come from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds and work experience.  What we all share is a passion for technology, ability to learn quickly, and a focus on our customer’s experience and success.

We value:

  • A commitment to learning full of curiosity, creativity, and passion.
  • Being a problem solver while paying attention to details and the nuances of our clients’ concerns.  Always working in a resourceful manner, while taking a comprehensive, solutions-oriented approach to produce creative solutions to difficult problems.
  • A can-do, get it done, attitude with a positive, dedicated, and committed approach to our peers and our clients’ success.  Showing up to work, filled with a sense of leadership, purpose and initiative, yet ready to fully participate as a collaborative, team player.  Being a Go-Giver.
  • Effective communication, with our peers and clients, stemming from deep awareness and empathy, delivered with a balance of confidence and humility.

To our team, these are not just words.  They drive our behaviors and serve as guidelines to measure our performance and success.