You manage your financial risk and let us manage your technology risk.

We help manage technology risk by providing you with an experienced, motivated and trusted team to manage it for you. StratX is the outsourced IT department that feels like it’s part of your firm – without the IT staffing and management headaches.

With StratX you don’t have to worry about your technology being up and working. We know you have demanding clients who require the highest level of customer service and most up-to-date financial and investment data on a moment’s notice.

We are dedicated to providing firms with 100% up-time.

You need integrated solutions that are scalable, redundant and highly available, that handle a broad array of asset classes and functions, from trading to risk management. We help clients navigate some of the most complex regulatory compliance demands with IT risk assessments, stringent security protocols, training, audit support services, continuity planning and disaster recovery.