You need your systems to be reliable, stable and secure, so you can manage your practice.

We offer a full range of practical IT support all of your practice’s technologies as well as healthcare regulation compliance solutions to keep you HIPAA compliant.

Dedicated account managers focus on finding cost effective solutions for the business of your practice and serve as your technology manager.  They follow all requests through the help desk and meet with you regularly to stay on top of your technology needs.

Our team has experience with all of the diagnostic equipment, medical hardware and software used by most specialties including orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, pulmonology, dermatology and radiology.

Medical practices, surgery centers, and hospitals of all sizes trust StratX to provide them with medical IT support.

Our healthcare IT services include:HIPAA Certifications

  • Certified HIPAA Privacy & Security Expert on staff
  • HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and compliance solutions
  • Help desk support and onsite maintenance agreements
  • StratX-on-Site staffing
  • Coordination with cloud solutions and cloud hosting
  • IT and network security solutions featuring our proprietary CryptoCuff software (stops ransomware at the point of entry)
  • Vendor management (we oversee all of your technologies)
  • Business continuity, backup and disaster recovery

Want weekly HIPAA reminders to share with your staff?

After performing 1,000 Security Risk Analyses, our Certified HIPAA Privacy & Security Expert has put together Quick HIPAA Tips to help address vulnerabilities she finds over and over again.  Sign up HERE.