You need secure access to your network from home, court, clients’ offices and on the road.  Sounds easy? With StratX, it can be.

With over the 25 years’ experience, we have learned that the key to the success of our legal clients is to focus as much on their business needs as their technology. Business needs including:

  • Cyber security
  • Cloud based tools
  • Business continuity
  • Technology and mobility tools to improve productivity

Security policies and training are critical to making and keeping your firm secure.  Our in-house Compliance Officer conducts technology risk analysis and supplies you with a list of your vulnerabilities and remedies to fix those risks. Beyond network and software security solutions, we offer secure solutions for data transmission and storage, BYOD policies and safeguards, encrypted email and secure remote access.

Our tech team has the experience to coordinate and recommend your firm’s business software with applications such as document and content management, e-discovery, email and messaging systems, client and case management software, time keeping software, and records retention.