StratX overcomes obstacles and brings a project to success.

Thank you so much! We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you and your team for pushing through all the challenges that kept popping up while aligning HHC, Verizon, and Windstream.

You saved me tons of coordination work (and stress).

Multispecialty Physician Group NYC

StratX completes complex project with a smile.

As a consulting CIO, I know people always take time to complain, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes sharing my feelings about my latest experience with your team.

It is just a pleasure to work with you and your staff. This project was fairly complex and having you assign the same project manager as my last project was a delight. It was great to see and work with him again. His support team was so pleasant and helpful.

Looking forward to our next endeavor.

IT Consultant NYC

StratX handles 5 phase project with ease.

I wanted to personally thank StratX for an absolutely OUTSTANDING job with the five long phases of our construction project. We worked as a TEAM and honestly, without the support of your entire staff and in particular our wonderful project manager, it could not have been possible. Planning this type of project is critical and PLAN we did (probably too much, but I don’t believe so).

The attention to detail, professionalism and respect shown by the entire staff are remarkable. We look forward to continuing our work as we all know the healthcare landscape is not going to stand still.

Again, THANK YOU Tom, for your leadership and a heartfelt thanks to your support team. You guys rock!

Doctor, 4 Office Practice CT

StratX guides client to IT success.

Our practice is extremely busy and our computer systems are integral to patient care and efficiency. 15 years ago we began working with PDS (now StratX) who quickly identified IT solutions, one being the EHR system we still use today.

It immediately improved data access and sharing for both our physicians and staff. StratX’s support is second to none.

I highly recommend StratX if you are looking for a reliable and caring IT company who will always have your back.

17 Doctor, 5 Location Surgery Center Group Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY

StratX saves new client from a disaster.

My initial contact with StratX was due to an emergent “SOS” after a failed attempt with another IT company.

We were to ‘go-live’ (with a new software) on a Monday and nothing was done to prepare our network. They came in on a Friday morning, surmised we had most of the tools we needed except for the programming required to integrate it all. Working through the weekend, they gave us ability to communicate between our 4 offices by Monday.

They made a commitment to me and my practice that they would get us up and running and it when he was done we would have an excellent system in place. They have never let us down.

They are a team of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who are committed to their work. They bring us new ideas and help us to implement them into our busy practice. I wouldn’t recommend any other company for Medical Practice IT.

11 Doctor, 4 Office Practice CT

StratX is always there.

I can’t tell you how impressed and appreciative we are of your team. Always there to support, advise and educate us which is essential in this process. Hard to believe this is our first EMR implementation but your expertise in numerous ones is priceless (as the commercial says). Thanks!

4 Location, Multispecialty Ophthalmology Group NYC & CT

StratX takes the bull by the horns.

I just want to compliment you on your tireless work on getting this issue resolved. This issue had a large impact on meaningful use and once we called it in, our assigned tech took the bull by the horns. He methodically worked through all of our vendors and tracked the issue to our imaging partner. Then, he oversaw that they fixed it! I really appreciated his hard work. Thank you again.

6 Location, Multispecialty Orthopedic Practice CT

StratX professionalism at work.

I just want to express my gratitude to you for sending a tech to our office to clear up all of the issues we’ve been having. They are always professional, kind and knowledgeable. They offer solutions and come through.

2 Location, Dermatology Institute NY

StratX stays on it until resolution.

We had an issue with our phone system (which StratX did not install) but they manage our technology and wouldn’t leave us helpless. Their engineers systematically evaluated all of our configurations, worked with our phone vendor to evaluate the source of the issue and were able to identify a routing issue on the phone vendor’s server.

This ticket was not dropped until there was a true resolution! Now my phones are working as intended.

Thank you to my account manager, StratX engineers and the whole team behind them who worked to resolve this issue.

5 Location Retina Practice And Surgery Center NY