Business Continuity Planning: Backup & Disaster Recovery

We provide disaster planning services and the technology solutions to support them.  StratX is fully focussed on safeguarding our clients’ uptime, their ability to run their business.

Anything that disrupts your ability to conduct business using your technology is considered a “disaster.”  Disasters include natural diasters, power outages but more and more frequently, its a virus that halts your business’ ability to run.

The most critical step a business can take to prepare for a disaster is to formulate, update the business continuity plan and continually test the plan before a disaster happens.  To get your business up and running after a disaster you need to have a step by step plan to recover your business’ IT infrastructure, applications and data and the support staff to put it into action.

Hybrid onsite & cloud backup

Disaster Recovery

StratX creates plans with our clients to limit, if not avoid downtime.  We recommend using a hybrid onsite and cloud backup solution as a key technology element in business continuity planning.  Our solution backs up all your data, programs, and servers to both a backup device located in your office and to our cloud data centers.  In the event of a disaster, your backups can be immediately mobilized within your office to allow you to get back to business within hours.  Even in an extreme scenario, our data-storage cloud is ready to host your systems on our infrastructure so that your team can continue to work.

It is user friendly, continually upgraded to meet compliance needs and supported with concierge level service to put your recovery plan into action.

  • Protocol and written plan to get your business up and running after a disaster
  • Backup, restore and data recovery
  • Onsite and offsite backup
  • Virtualization
  • Systemic testing schedule