Chief Information Officer

Want the benefits of having a dedicated CIO without having to hire one?

StratX account managers direct, plan, and manage your company’s technology infrastructure and operations. Some of our clients are growing or have grown to the size where they need a dedicated person to help manage this growth but are not ready to hire a Chief Information or Technology Officer in-house.  For those who do, they find invaluable support from their account manager allowing them to be strategic and forward thinking rather than involved in day to day IT management.

All managed service clients are assigned an account manager to help our clients cost-effectively fill this vital IT strategic planning and management role and avoid costly mistakes.

Benefits include:

  • Big picture vision and experience in creating a comprehensive IT strategy.
  • Knowledge of technology and continuity of those technologies with your business applications.
  • Track record of helping clients in your industry improve their productivity and lower costs.
  • IT project implementation planning beyond the hardware or software plan, ensuring that your people and processes are trained and in place to make your plan a success and moves your business forward.